Shiatsu Massage

Are you suffering from arthritis, back pain or a headache? If you are dealing with soreness from sciatica, shoulder injuries or other pain, shiatsu massage can help.

This form of massage can help you increase your energy level. It works to stimulate the digestive system and the body’s natural healing abilities. Because of this, this form of massage therapy is particularly useful after an injury.

An Ancient Healing Art

Long ago, shiatsu massage was initially developed in Japan. It was named after the Japanese words for “finger pressure.” When someone performs this form of massage, they use their fingers to apply pressure to different points on the body. Then, they move their hands from point to point in a rhythmic, relaxing sequence.

The Benefits of Shiatsu

While it may have started in Japan, this massage therapy is now a technique used in Chinese and Thai massage studios. Massage chairs, cushions, and back massagers can help stimulate pressure points on the body. This kind of acupressure-like stimulation helps to encourage energy and your blood circulation to flow naturally throughout the body.

If you want to relax your mind, body, and spirit, shiatsu can help. This Thai massage is wonderful for calming the sympathetic nervous system. After your soothing massage, you may feel a slight tenderness near your pressure points. It helps to alleviate fatigue, soothe pain and reduce stress. If you are dealing with joint or muscle problems, shiatsu can help.

Your Healing Journey Begins Today

Recovering from an injury or illness is rarely straightforward or simple. By getting a healing massage, you can open up energy blockages in your body. Once your chi is able to flow smoothly again, your body is able to start healing naturally. From immediate relaxation to alleviating joint pain, shiatsu massage can help you recover mentally, spiritually and physically.